Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is an ongoing system that requires attention and planning to create an overall more efficient business. Kontingent offers comprehensive BPM consulting services that enable enterprises to effectively manage and automate their business processes. We have assisted global and multinational enterprises by creating workflows that enhance quality, reduce costs, and improve time-to-market. Our smart BPM solutions are designed to help enterprises create powerful business processes, while allowing provisions for extensive customization.

Kontingent follows a unique approach by blending traditional business models with emerging technology practices. We use avant-garde technologies to discover effective business process management solutions, thereby enabling global enterprises to meet their business objectives. We adopt industry standard BPM practices and powerful workflow tools to eliminate process inefficiencies. A successful BPM process will improve overall quality, save time, and ultimately save resources and money.

In a competitive IT job market, hiring managers struggle to find top talent to lead key business initiatives. While contract or contract-to-hire roles are often part of a workforce management strategy, some positions require an immediate, direct placement. To overcome challenges of high demand and low supply, IT leaders must partner with providers who understand their business, technical environment and culture.

We have experience in IT staffing for companies in many different industries, and bring you the best qualified applicants for the job. Each client has different IT needs depending on their field, which is taken into consideration when finding the appropriate candidates. We take care to ensure that each individual has the proper training for the job, and will be the right fit for your company. Many businesses suddenly find the need to hire new employees when their company is expanding quickly, and Kontingent can help you find the proper support. We save you time by finding the perfect applicant that fits your requirements. We also offer offshore staffing services which can achieve high-quality results at a fraction of the price. Each employee hired through Kontingent is guaranteed to be skilled and qualified, with the ability to seamlessly transition onto your team.

We first get an idea of your company and goals, then build the right team required for putting your plans into action. We do not charge any fee for our staffing services until you find the perfect candidate. Email us at if you have any questions regarding our business management services.